2009 Press Releases and Announcements

Dec 2009: CMO Appointed, Clinical Management Team Operational.

Dr. Hans Moebius has been appointed by TauRx as Chief Medical Officer.  Moebius previously led the clinical development of Memantine, a blockbuster therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease, and has deep expertise in the clinical development of various central nervous  system disorders and in clinical operations.  The appointment coincided with the establishment of the company’s senior clinical trial management team and network of associated clinicians, regulatory affairs experts, statisticians and clinical trial operations staff.

Nov 2009: TauRx begins program of clinical evaluation of  LMTX™

TauRx begins a program of clinical evaluation of LMTX™, a proprietary next generation form of rember®, with a single ascending dose study and comparison with rember® in elderly healthy volunteers and files for UK MHRA approval.

July 2009: ICAD Presentation

ICAD Presentation (International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease). Prof. Claude Wischik, TauRx Chairman and Cofounder presented “Issues in Design of  a Phase 3 Disease Modifying Clinical Trial of Tau Aggregation Inhibitor Therapy in Alzheimer’s disease” at ICAD (International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease).

July 2009: Vienna (and Burkina Faso): What's New With Methylene Blue?

Wischik provides Alzforum Q&A on Company’s development plans for rember® and the second generation follow on compound LMTX™. Wischik also responds to erroneous comments made by others regarding the July 2008 ICAD presentation – ie there was no pooling of groups in any of the analyses, all analyses respected the original randomisation.  More...

May 2009: Pre-IND Meeting, US FDA; Transition from rember® to Second-Generation Product LMTX. Bridging Studies Initiated.

TauRx met with representatives of the US FDA to clarify the phase 3 clinical trial strategy for its lead Alzheimer’s disease program and to agree the regulatory dossier required for LMTX™: a proprietary next-generation form of rember® delivering the same active moiety that has been prioritised ahead of rember® due to its enhanced bioavailability and tolerability. Following the meeting, the Company began the implementation of a range of supplementary preclinical and clinical studies to position LMTX™ as the Company’s lead candidate for evaluation in pivotal phase 3 clinical trials commencing in 2010.


Jan 2009: TauRx’s rember® is a top 20 science story in 2008 at Discover Magazine.

The science focused magazine ranked rember® phase 2 AD trial results as number 18 of the top 100 most important science stories published by the magazine in 2008.  rember® shared this position with  Medivation’s Dimebon, another  candidate therapeutic for AD that does not share rember®’s mechanism of action.  More...

(Note: A phase 3 evaluation of Dimebon in mild and moderate AD failed to show any clinical benefit, but trials to compare Dimebon's activity in other patient groups are ongoing.)