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KMSeng & ClaudeTauRx was co-founded in 2002 by Professor Claude M. Wischik, CEO, and the late Dr K.M. Seng of Singapore, a visionary venture capitalist and physician.  TauRx is a spin-out company of the University of Aberdeen, UK.  Using world-class-proprietary drug discovery platforms, the company aims to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and other neurodegenerative diseases with innovative treatments and diagnostics.

The company’s novel Tau Aggregation Inhibitors (TAIs) target the formation (aggregation) of Tau protein ‘tangles’ in the brain.  These Tau tangles have been correlated with dementia and develop in the brain up to 20 years before symptoms associated with dementia develop.  TAIs work by dissolving the Tau tangles and preventing them from forming.

TauRx’s second-generation TAI, LMTX™, is patented for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s.  This product is now entering Phase 3 clinical trials and the initiation of the first trial, involving patients with FTD, was announced in September 2012.  The Phase 3 clinical trial programme is being conducted in over twenty countries and involves 1,700 patients worldwide. 

In 2008 the company presented the results of a large Phase 2 clinical trial involving 321 patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s.  This study was conducted in the UK and Singapore. It involved the first-generation TAI, rember®.  The results were reported at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease Conference in 2008 (ICAD 2008) in Chicago, USA.  These results showed that the rate of Alzheimer’s progression was reduced by 90% over a 2-year period.  (See Clinical Research for additional information.)

TauRx researchers are currently developing diagnostic ligands for use in brain scans to measure the build-up of Tau tangles so patients can be diagnosed early and treatment can be started before permanent damage progresses.  TauRx has also determined that its TAIs show activity on the synuclein fibres which accumulate in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease in the form of Lewy bodies.

In 2010, WisTa Laboratories Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of TauRx Therapeutics) entered a collaborative agreement with Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany, to redefine the way Alzheimer’s and related disorders are currently being diagnosed and treated.  Through this collaboration, the two companies have been developing specific markers that will aid in the diagnosis and management of tau-protein related Alzheimer’s using brain imaging technology.  It is hoped that the diagnostic under development will have application leading to improved disease treatment and potentially disease prevention.  The ligands being used in the initial phase of the collaboration were developed by Dr. John Storey’s chemistry group and Dr. Charles Harrington’s biology group, TauRx’s contracted staff at the University of Aberdeen.

Currently the company has primary research facilities located at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and undertakes collaborative research with institutes in Berlin and Warsaw.

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