TauRx’s tau aggregation inhibitors (TAIs) are the product of nearly 30 years of research, preclinical and clinical investigations.

The TauRx team reported encouraging Phase 2 clinical trial results in 2008 with rember®, the company’s first-generation TAI. These results suggested that a treatment targeting the tau aggregation cascade could potentially delay the progression of disease pathology and cognitive decline in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. For more information on the Phase 2 trial, please click on the Phase 2 button below.

The company’s second-generation TAI, LMTX®, has completed three separate trials: two in Alzheimer's disease and one in the rare neurodegenerative disorder, behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD). For more information on the Phase 3 trials, please click on the Phase 3 button below. Based on the results from these trials, which involved over 1,900 patients in total, TauRx are planning further Phase 3 trials for LMTX® in Alzheimer's disease. 

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