Company FAQs

Will you be listing and when?

TauRx management and shareholders continue to monitor market conditions. The company recognises that its assets would attract significant interest from financial markets in the context of a possible listing. If such a decision is made, it will be the subject of a separate announcement.

What is the relationship between the University of Aberdeen and TauRx?

The role of the University of Aberdeen – as a centre of international academic research expertise - is to initiate and incubate new ideas in treatment for a range of health conditions which are challenging our 21st century world. To develop these further however, a more commercial basis was needed which could attract the investment necessary to take these ideas to the market, and so a ‘spin-out’ company was formed. TauRx, registered in Singapore in 2002,  continues to have an extremely close relationship with the University, and company researchers are embedded within the University’s international team of experts in biosciences at the Institute of Medical Sciences, working in close partnership with clinical colleagues on Aberdeen’s unique health campus at Foresterhill, and with chemists on the main University campus.

What is the corporate structure of the company – what functions reside where?

TauRx Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the holding company and primary investment vehicle. TauRx Therapeutics Ltd. is responsible for the commercialization of LMTXTM as a therapeutic product. WisTa Laboratories Ltd. is the discovery and early-stage development engine for the group, using its platform technology to create intellectual property.  It is currently planned that PoreDeen Pte. Ltd. will undertake the development of novel products for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

When was the company incorporated?

The company was incorporated in 2002 in Singapore. Its co-founders were Professor Claude M. Wischik and K.M. Seng.

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