Chairman of TauRx and Dr Emer MacSweeney of Re:Cognition Health to speak at ADI Middle East Conference in Dubai on 8-9 December


Chairman of TauRx and Dr Emer MacSweeney of Re:Cognition Health to speak at ADI Middle East Conference in Dubai on 8-9 December

 DUBAI, UAE, 6th December 2013 – Two innovative UK thought leaders in Alzheimer’s disease will be speaking at the upcoming 2nd Middle East and North Africa Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International this weekend. Participants at the conference will have an opportunity to hear about the latest research in tau pathology based treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and also a case-based session on providing full-service management of Alzheimer’s patients.

First, on Sunday, 8th December, Professor Claude Wischik, Chairman of TauRx Therapeutics, will be giving a plenary session on ‘The tau pathology of Alzheimer’s disease: potential implications in the GCC states’. The session will take place in the Plenary Speaking Room under the title ‘Novel Approaches to Diagnosis.’ Importantly, he will discuss the estimated societal and demographic impact of dementia on the region known as ‘GCC’, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. These calculations are based on currently available statistics and the 6-stage Braak system based on tau pathology in the brain to provide a more accurate estimate of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on various regions worldwide.

Of the 5.82 million people in the GCC states over the age of 45 in 2010, 47% (2.71 million) are estimated to have some degree of brain tau pathology. This number is expected to increase to 8.36 million in 2030 and to 17 million in 2050 as the over-45 population increases to 19 million in 2030 and 31 million in 2050 based on World Health Organization (WHO) population projections. This data underscores the urgent need for an effective treatment to arrest the initiation and spread of tau pathology.

Also on Sunday, 8th December, Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO and Co-founder of Re:Cognition Health in London, will present on ‘Cognitive impairment including Alzheimer's disease: raising the bar in diagnosis, therapy and ongoing management’ in Parallel Session I on Dementia Research. The session will take place at 15:00 in Ballrooms A and B and will highlight how a multidisciplinary evidence-based approach coupled with coordinated ongoing specialist care improves the quality of treatment for Alzheimer’s patients. She will show through selected clinical case studies how to implement this type of approach, and the benefits to patients, as well as practical guidance for dementia patient management. The presentation will include a 15-minute Q&A discussion opportunity for participants to interact with Dr MacSweeney.

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About Professor Claude Wischik, MD, PhD

 Claude Wischik

Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Aberdeen, and Executive Chairman and Co-founder TauRx

Professor Wischik is board certified in psychiatry and Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. A pioneer in Tau research, Professor Wischik’s work on Tau pathology began in 1985 in the laboratory of Sir Martin Roth, who was the first to correlate tangles with Alzheimer’s dementia, and later with Sir Aaron Klug (Nobel Laureate) at Cambridge University. Professor Wischik subsequently discovered the Tau protein compositional structure of the Alzheimer tangles and established that it was possible to dissolve tangles with pharmaceutically viable compounds that act as Tau Aggregation Inhibitors. He also demonstrated a direct link between clinical dementia and Tau aggregation at the biochemical level, irrespective of amyloid load in the human brain. As TauRx Chairman, Professor Wischik has led the company to its present stage, has developed its portfolio of projects to the phase 3 clinical level and has worked with his Singaporean colleagues to raise significant funding to date.


About Dr. Emer MacSweeney

Dr Emer MacSweeneyCEO and Co-founder Re:Cognition Health

Dr MacSweeney is a Consultant Neuroradiologist, previously Director of Neuroradiology at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital, St George’s Healthcare Trust. Dr MacSweeney has extensive experience in both the NHS and independent sector, and currently undertakes clinical sessions as consultant neuroradiologist at St George’s Hospital. She holds an honorary neuroradiology appointment at The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust. Dr MacSweeney trained in neuroradiology at The Hospital Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square; she previously specialised in interventional vascular neuroradiology, and has developed a special interest in neuroradiology of cognitive impairment disorders, with considerable experience in imaging of neurovascular diseases and traumatic brain injury.