About LMTX™ for Alzheimer’s

LMTX™, TauRx's second-generation Tau Aggregation Inhibitor (TAI), offers a major advance over existing treatments for Alzheimer’s, which only transiently address the symptoms and cannot slow disease progression.  LMTX™ acts by reducing levels of aggregated or misfolded Tau proteins, which are associated with the progressive neurodegeneration of Alzheimer’s disease. LMTX™ shares the same active ingredient (methylthioninium (MT)) and mode of action as rember®, TauRx’s first generation TAI, but is designed to have improved bioavailability and tolerability. Phase 2 clinical trials of rember® showed a 90% reduction in the rate of Alzheimer’s progression over 2 years. These results provided the first clinical demonstration that a new therapy targeting protein aggregation could dramatically reduce the rate of progression of this deadly disease.

The LMTX™ family also has activity against synuclein aggregation, another protein misfolding disorder leading to Parkinson’s disease, offering potential for development in this indication as well.

The Phase 2 clinical trial results reported by Professor Claude Wischik and colleagues at the University of Aberdeen suggest that a treatment based on Tau aggregation pathology could delay the progression of cognitive decline in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. This is being further validated in several large Phase 3 clinical trials.


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