Career Spotlight: Dr Fiona Hewitt

Career Spotlight with Dr Fiona Hewitt

Career Spotlight with Dr. Fiona Hewitt
Dr Fiona Hewitt, DMPK Vendor Management Officer, TauRx

What do you do at TauRx?

I have been working at TauRx for just over 4 years in the Drugs Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) function and recently adopted the role of DMPK Vendor Management Officer. I have a varied role and no two days are the same.

What does your typical day involve?

I have frequent contact with external companies involved in projects that handle PopPK modelling and pre-clinical studies. PopPK models are used to gain information about patient exposure to a drug and can be used to inform clinical trials on dosing. Pre-clinical studies are crucial for predicting the safety and efficacy of a drug before it is introduced into humans. I am also involved in the review of documents, mainly reports, plans, and protocols.

I really enjoy seeing a project develop from the early stages through to the end and maintaining relationships with vendors.

What skills are important for your job?

Communication skills are key – frequent communication keeps projects on track and ensures any problems can be discussed and overcome. When reviewing reports, attention to detail is important. Being organised also helps a lot when there are multiple projects on the go.

What do you enjoy most about working at TauRx?

I really enjoy working on something where I feel I am contributing towards helping people - I definitely feel I’ve found that at TauRx. There have been major changes due to COVID-19 in the last year, but the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases remains crucial in protecting the aging population.