Career Spotlight: Lynn Rankin

Career Spotlight with Lynn Rankin

Lynn Rankin, TauRx Head of HR

What do you do at TauRx?

My job title is Head of HR so anything HR related is within my remit (and sometimes things that aren’t!). I develop, implement, and reinforce HR policies and procedures that support TauRx’s goals. This includes ensuring compliance with UK employment law and best practice. I support line managers to ensure that they have the right balance of employees in terms of skills and experience and that training and development opportunities are available to all. Whilst at the time supporting employees with any queries they may have.

What does your typical day involve?

As I deal with people there is a lot of variety in my role, so I never quite know what is going to happen each day! Like a lot of my colleagues, I start my day with a planned to do list, but this often changes as new priorities crop up. Flexibility is key!

What do you think are the most important skills for someone in your role to have?

  • Being able to listen
  • Being able to adapt to change
  • Being fair and consistent
  • Being able to see all sides of the story

Do you work mostly on your own or as part of a team?

Both - I have tasks which I complete on my own, but I spend the majority of my days interacting with other colleagues across all levels of the business.

What is it like socially at TauRx?

TauRx is a busy work environment, so we recognise the need to have a laugh and promote a good work-life balance. Pre-covid we had a social committee who arranged events for employees, and we encouraged people to eat together for lunch with colleagues at least once a week. Working from home I have missed face to face interaction with my colleagues – it’s just not the same on Teams. We hope to return to arranging more social gatherings, regular office lunches and in person lunch and learn training sessions soon.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love being involved with and watching our employees career progression. TauRx is constantly evolving, and this leads to new opportunities for our employees. Our line managers are very good at spotting skills and talents and ensuring our employees get a chance to utilise these. This has often meant a change in roles/teams for employees which allows the employee to grow whilst TauRx still retains their skills and experience. A win win for all.