Dementias 2021: A Return to 3D Face to Face

Dementias 2021: A return to 3D face to face…

TauRx and GT Diagnostics attended the thoroughly enjoyable and well-run Dementias 2021 conference in London on 8th and 9th July 2021. Thanks to the organisers, MA Healthcare, for managing to run the event in challenging conditions with a switch to hybrid for those unable to make it into the City.

Given the time we have all been continuing business virtually, it was genuinely refreshing to listen to live presentations and network in person. Conversations switched between mutual enthusiasm of being “out” and interest in TauRx science, tau pathology and the GT Diagnostics demonstrations of the soon to be launched HiPAL assessment tool using the giant iTab.

Prof. Bjoern Schelter, GT Diagnostics CEO
Prof. Claude Wischik, TauRx CEO

For the TauRx personnel present, amongst the important scientific updates, it was also a healthy reminder of the challenges faced by those in front line care of people with dementia. Healthcare workers, family members or friends looking after those affected by the disease facing the daily challenges (financial, emotional and physical) deserve such huge respect. Listening to accounts of some of these experiences makes us more determined to achieve our mission - to help relieve the suffering of others.

The need for a safe, effective and accessible treatment, and efficient diagnostics remains a priority. Whilst our research and clinical trial teams press on, we will continue to listen to the people that matter most: those living with dementia, their families, and carers.

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View some highlights from Dementias 2021 below.