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GT Diagnostics HiPAL Pro

GT Diagnostics announces release of self-administered assessment tool aiding diagnosis of dementia, HiPAL Pro.

GT Diagnostics, a TauRx joint venture company, has announced the release of HiPAL Pro, which is now available in the USA.

HiPAL Pro is a self-administered engaging and interactive tool that runs on a digital tablet. It supports clinicians by providing readily interpretable scores that professionally evaluate objective and subjective memory as well as mental processing speed.

Through language agnostic testing, HiPAL Pro is designed to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of dementia, and in particular, Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Bjoern Schelter, CEO of GT Diagnostics (UK) and Chief Analytics Officer at TauRx, commented: “With companies on the cusp of major advances in dementia treatment research, the need to diagnose more efficiently and effectively is becoming ever more vital.

“This release is complementary to TauRx’s research and signifies a huge milestone in our mission to provide much-needed digital tools for early dementia diagnosis and monitoring of the disease’s progression. It is impressive to see what the team has achieved over recent years and we look forward to continuing to add cost-effective efficiency to the diagnostic pathway for people with dementia with other tools in development complementing HiPAL Pro.”

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