TauRx Feature in The Scotsman Article

TauRx Feature in The Scotsman Article

TauRx’s expertise in tau protein pathology is highlighted in The Scotsman’s latest sponsored article ‘What does the future of brain health look like?’. Dementia affects many of us in different ways, whether directly or indirectly, and with recent suggestions that one in three people born today are likely to develop the disease it is time to focus on brain health. Scotland is a research powerhouse, with life sciences organisations based in the country leading the field globally.

Increasing research and the media attention on head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in sport have rightly focused on the need to prioritise brain health, but also the link between traumatic brain injury and tau pathology in sport and everyday life.

Professor Claude Wischik, TauRx CEO, with over 30 years of dedicated research into tau pathology said:

“There is huge progress worldwide on brain health which is offering us all a greater understanding of the external risk factors, like a good diet and taking regular exercise, but a drug treatment is the key –this is where our global clinical trial program underpinned by basic research aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for tau pathology is vital,”

You can learn more about tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease by visiting our dedicated education website www.targetingtau.com

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