TauRx Pharmaceuticals lights up Aberdeen for World Alzheimer’s Day

For the second year, Aberdeen landmark, Marischal College, has today been lit up purple to mark World Alzheimer’s Day as part of a wider campaign organised by TauRx Pharmaceuticals and GT Diagnostics to promote support for the dementia community.

Rebecca Andersen, Head of Commercial and Communications at TauRx, a global leader in tau-based research, said: “This year, World Alzheimer’s Month is shining a light on the importance of supporting people living with dementia and their families following a diagnosis.

“TauRx and its scientists have been researching one of the key pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease - the misfolding of tau proteins and build-up of tau tangles in the brain - for decades. This research has influenced an advanced clinical trial programme, with a mission to contribute to future treatment options available to help many of those affected. Supporting campaigns such as this, to break down stigma and advocate for organisations providing front line support, is important to us all at TauRx.”

The theme of this year’s World Alzheimer’s Month is “post-diagnosis support” highlighting the pertinent challenge of providing effective and reliable post-diagnosis support to those living with and affected by dementia.

Rebecca continued: “In the UK, dementia is one of the leading causes of death. In Scotland, over 90,000 people are living with dementia, with Alzheimer’s being responsible in half of these cases. Globally, the number of those affected is expected to triple by 2050. Whilst there is an urgent need for a safe and effective treatment, it is equally important that wider support for those already diagnosed is highlighted as a priority.”

Professor Bjoern Schelter, CEO of GT Diagnostics, which develops digital tools to enable early dementia diagnosis and effective monitoring of progression, added:

“At GT Diagnostics it is our vision to develop digital diagnostic tools that enable earlier and more accurate testing for Alzheimer’s disease. This early diagnosis will facilitate early intervention. This makes the need to provide adequate aftercare more prominent, allowing those diagnosed to make appropriate lifestyle adjustments and access support.

“Most importantly, it is vital that the people on the frontline of delivering this care - GPs, specialists and carers - have the expertise and resources to create a sustainable shared care pathway. This will enable the provision of a quality service for people with dementia, through diagnosis, treatment, post-diagnostic support and follow-up care, right up to end-of-life care.”

The joint TauRx and GT Diagnostics activities have been supported by ONE Life Sciences and AFC Community Trust who partnered for Scotland’s Memory Walk in Duthie Park to raise awareness.