TauRx Presents at EuroTau 2023

Professor Claude Wischik EuroTau 2023 Presentation
Professor Wischik presenting at EuroTau 2023

In late April, TauRx attended the 4th EuroTau meeting in Lille, France, where worldwide scientists involved in tau research met to exchange new ideas and hypotheses on physiological and pathological roles of tau proteins.

The two-day programme was jam packed with scientific updates. TauRx was the only organisation to present current research for a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, with our CEO and Co-Founder, Professor Claude Wischik sharing ‘Phase 3 outcomes for tau aggregation inhibitor in Alzheimer’s’.

He was supported at the event by one of our long-time research collaborators, Louise Serpell, Professor of Biochemistry and Director of Sussex Neuroscience at Sussex University, who presented on what drives the soluble tau to form paired helical filaments.

The meeting’s Chair was French scientist, Luc Buee. Another long-time acquaintance of Professor Wischik, Luc is well-established in the industry, and is currently Director of the Lille Neuroscience & Cognition Research Centre and Head of the Inserm laboratory (Alzheimer & Tauopathies) at the University of Lille.

TauRx’s research was also noted by Michel Goedert from MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge.

The conference was supported by the Alzheimer’s Association USA and the Rainwater Charitable Foundation USA, who presented awards for outstanding innovation in tau research. Since 2009, RCF has funded a programme called the Tau Consortium with the mission to accelerate treatments in tauopathies.