TauRx Supporting Dementias 2021

TauRx to Attend Dementias 2021

Professor Claude Wischik and Professor Bjoern Schelter

TauRx and GT Diagnostics are sponsoring and will present at the 23rd national conference, Dementias 2021 in London, 8th & 9th July.

Dementias 2021 theme this year will focus on dementia management, treatment of symptoms and diagnosis, bringing together prominent leaders in dementia.

The Dementias 2021 exhibition stand will feature educational materials and a demonstration of GT Diagnostics HiPAL well-being app.

We will have an exhibition stand during the two-day conference with TauRx CEO and co-founder Professor Claude Wischik and TauRx Lead Statistician and GT Diagnostics CEO Professor Bjoern Schelter also presenting on Targeting tau in AD treatment and the future for diagnostics during day 1.

The exhibition stand will include free educational materials for delegates to take away and an opportunity to see GT Diagnostics well-being app HiPAL in action. Read more about GT Diagnostics here.

Find out more information on Dementias 2021 here.