TauRx Together, September 2021

TauRx Together, September 2021

When lockdown happened in March 2020, the TauRx way of working changed to accommodate the uncertainty that Covid brought. The critical labs found a way to remain open, and the clinical team worked round the clock to ensure our trials continued whilst keeping study participants safe. But the main Aberdeen office closed and so homeworking began. We have all felt the ups and downs of the past 18 months of hosting meetings online - shouts of "You're on mute" and "We can't see you" are the new norm - but it was great to finally see some colleagues, old and new, face to face at this event.

We filled the day with a series of sessions focusing on getting to know each other, getting to know the TauRx story, and looking forward to continued progress in neurodegenerative research.

We were honoured to be able to screen a pre-recorded interview with Scottish Dementia Working Group and National Dementia Carers Action Network, two groups affiliated with Alzheimer Scotland which was then shown at the event. The recording featured people diagnosed with and affected by dementia voicing their stories and encouraging continued research. Thank you to everyone involved in allowing us a glimpse of your experiences and reminding us why we must continue to focus on our important mission.

Tim Wigham, TEDx Speaker, spent the afternoon with the TauRx team, getting to know us and presenting on applying his 3M model; mindset, method, and mood, reinforcing the message that by working together anything can be achieved. Tim, in summing up his thoughts, commented, “There is phenomenal purpose behind the TauRx quest” leaving the TauRx team feeling inspired to continue to support each other as we advance towards our goal.

You can view Tim’s TEDx talk HERE and follow Tim on Twitter @timmotwig

The event was rounded off with reflections on the information shared and a special thanks to everyone from our CEO Professor Claude Wischik and COO Dr Glenn Corr.

A great day was had by everyone!