We are dedicated to research in neurodegenerative diseases and a leader in Alzheimer’s disease research. Our mission is to discover, develop and commercialise innovative products for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of neurodegenerative diseases caused through protein aggregation.

From initial discovery, through preclinical development to clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and product registration, we are harnessing world-class proprietary drug discovery platforms with the aim of halting the progression of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases with our treatments and diagnostics.

Our novel tau aggregation inhibitors (TAIs) target the formation or aggregation of tau protein ‘tangles’ in the brain. The spread of tau tangles is strongly correlated with cognitive decline in dementia and they can develop in the brain up to 20 years before symptoms associated with dementia develop. TAIs work by breaking down existing tau aggregates and preventing the further aggregation of tau protein from forming new tangles.

Our lead compound, hydromethylthionine (known as LMTX®), inhibits aggregation of tau, synuclein, TPD-43 and huntingtin proteins. It has shown promise in previous Phase 3 clinical trials for slowing disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia.

For a summary of the clinical trials programme, the current LUCIDITY trial, and study results, please follow this link.

TauRx Core Values

TauRx Core Values

Hard Work: We are privileged to have the chance to make an important contribution to humanity through our hard work. We can only meet the challenges that face us by diligence, determination and self-discipline.

Honesty: The challenges we face are real. Our lasting success is built on integrity and our ability to trust one another.

Teamwork: We are open to the ideas of others, able to listen and engage in critical discussion, and make the best use of the gifts, skills, talents, and resources that each person brings.

Loyalty: To one another and to our shared goals is what binds us together and gives us the confidence to trust one another as we reach our full potential.

Compassion: We are nothing without humanity and compassion. Our core mission is to help relieve the suffering of others.